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Pinot Nero “Novello” 2014, Poderi Riccagioia

Dear readers,

today I propose a “Novello” wine, a young wine grown from the last harvest in 2014, companion of roasted chestnuts and autumn dishes!


The peculiarity of this “Novello” is the high percentage of carbonic maceration. The “Novello”, according to the Italian regulation, requires that at least 40% of it is obtained through this process. The remaining 60% can be achieved through the classic wine winemaking techniques, but lowering the wine overall quality (bad balance, sour flavor and weak perfumes): in short, we may find ourselves in front of a “Novello” who does not have the typical characteristics of a “Novello”!

This Pinot Noir “Novello”, however, is obtained entirely through carbonic maceration, making it stand out more flavors and aromas of the fruit fresh, not altered and already in balance.
Produced by Poderi Riccagioia, in the province of Pavia, this Novello is light, soft, with good freshness and a very delicate tannin. It shows up intense aromas of fresh red fruit on the palate.


At the nose, aromas of fresh red fruits and berries, such as strawberries, blueberry, black currant and blackberry.

I recommend it paired with autumn dishes such as vegetable soups, roasted chicken, fresh cheese and roasted chestnuts!






4 thoughts on “Pinot Nero “Novello” 2014, Poderi Riccagioia

  1. Wine Addict says:

    This Thursday was the day to crack open the Beaujolais Nouveau in France. Generally it is starts off with a glass or to then degenerates into a full blown beauverie. But if you can remember the pointless discussions on the merits of this years offering or the banana aromas then you probably didn’t drink enough. In Italy is it the same day or due to climatic difference Italy is a day or two earlier?

    • This vintage was not so good due the climate…it did rain too many days. But the banana perfume you enlighted I didn’t find it, cause the beaujolais is made from Gamay grapes, which are totally different from the Pinot Noir grapes (which “made” my Novello): different grapes, different country, different microclimate, different perfumes…that’s why. By the way, I just bought a bottle of fresh Beaujolais…so I’ll tell you what I’ll find in it 😉

      • Wine Addict says:

        I did not mean that this year has a banana bouquet but the French seem to have a strange fixation about it. Hence the pointless conversations.
        Pinot Noir Novello sounds worth a try.

      • I think the point is mainly the weather: this year too much summer rain, high humidity and very few sunlight, only in the end of summer. Did you remember some of the names of the wine which you tried?

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