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Picolit 2012, Nato in Vigna

Dear readers!

For this weekend I thought about a noble sweet wine, the Picolit!

This ancient vine, which is supposed to be already cultivated during the Roman Empire, scored the history of the Friuli wines over the centuries, disappearing often and reappearing with growing prestige.
The main characteristic of the Picolit is to suffer the floral abortion, the unsuccessful flower fertilization which does not allow the regular growth of the fruit, making thus grow a cluster much scatter and favoring the concentration of aromas and flavors in the few grapes grown.


This Picolit vintage 2012, produced by “Nato in Vigna”, shows a brilliant golden yellow color and a good consistency.
At the nose, bouquet of yellow and white flowers, acacia honey, ripe peach and ripe apricot.
On the palate is sweet, fresh, with an excellent softness and good persistence.


Wine for “meditation” (drink these kind of wines with an attitude of understanding its complexity), I recommend it also in combination with seafood and oysters and creamy aged cheeses: I found it superb with blue cheese!



3 thoughts on “Picolit 2012, Nato in Vigna

    • I should check about the “noble rot” you told me…for me, in a certain way, Picolit is similar to Sauternes, Monbazillac and Barsac wines…😊 it’s a native grape from Friuli and it’s a very particular grape which gave astonishing sweet wines…😊

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