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Albeisa bottle

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I’m glad to introduce you a new category: the Wine Curiosity!

Starting from the bottles shapes, today I talk about the “Albeisa”, the typical bottle of Piedmont in which are bottled the red Langhe wines, such as Dolcetto, Barbaresco and Barolo.

The Albeisa is a bottle of ancient origins, produced starting from the early eighteen century, when the Langa winemakers, to distinguish their wine from other types, adopted a different shape from the typical French one. The producers called this bottle Albeisa, “of Alba”.

Classic shape of an "Albeisa".

Classic shape of an “Albeisa”.

The shape of the bottle looks like a Burgonet, from which slightly differs for the more pronounced “shoulder”, and it is often brown in color and of a good thickness. Furthermore, the main characteristic which distinguishes it from the other bottle shape is the word “Albeisa” shown along the circumference of the bottle shoulder.

Burgonet shape.

“Burgonet” bottle shape.

Bordeaux bottle shape.

Bordeaux bottle shape.

During the Napoleon dominion, the Albeisa was slowly replaced by the two typical French shapes, the Bordeaux and Burgonet: these were cheaper to build because their shape was more regular and was blown into molds that guaranteed a more cylindrical shape.
To reintroduce its use, in 1973, a Consortium was founded by some Langhe winemakers, with the aim of protecting this historical bottle shape and rearrange its design to modern requirements: indeed, the Albeisa can only be used by its members, respecting the defined rules.



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