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Brut Nature, Christophe Mignon

Dear readers,

Today we’re talking about tasting and we could not miss this terrific Champagne, the Brut Nature by Christophe Mignon, currently one of my favorites, also for a high price quality ratio.


Obtained from Pinot Meunier in purity, this Brut Nature by Mignon is very interesting because it represents a rarity in the “landscape” of Champagne.

Pinot Meunier is a grape variety that generally gives softness and roundness to the Champagne and rarely we get interesting Champagnes from Pinot Meunier in purity: this grape is considered minor by purists of Champagne, because is often used to correct the imperfections of the vintage and it can not be compared to the two Champagne vine princes, the elegant and fine Chardonnay and the powerful and structured Pinot Noir.


The Brut Mignon has a creamy mousse and a really amazing sap. The effervescence is fine and not aggressive, the bubbles are fine, numerous and well defined.

At the nose, aromas of fresh, soft and fluffy fruits, yellow flowers, yeast, butter and brioche.

On the palate, a lovely and embracing sap, an excellent freshness and a balanced equilibrium in hardness.

Enchanting in pairing with seafood appetizers, fried and grilled shellfish, pasta with seafood based sauce and white meat (great with chicken!).

A masterpiece!



6 thoughts on “Brut Nature, Christophe Mignon

    • Thank you Catrina for this compliment! Of course and you can’t do without! 😊 Champagne is probably the best wine to pair food: it’s good with anykind of food, except red meat and dessert, in general. But if you get a Doux Champagne, which is sweet, you can pair it also to a dessert. Have fun and enjoy the experiment!

  1. MtheCurious says:

    Great review, I also tried this one and thought it was a lovely champagne. Review of it is coming on They have it on the wine list at Kitchen Table / Bubbledogs (also where I tried it) alongside numerous other excellent grower champagnes so if you are ever in London do check it out

    Would love some recommendations on the best Italian sparkling (made with the champagne method).

    • Thank you for the compliment, but this Champagne did most of the job 😊 sure I’ll check out when I’ll be there in London! Ps. If you are searching for info about the Italian Metodo Classico, take a look into my blog, and you’ll find some interesting pairings! Have a nice day!

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