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Header_Barbacarlo_1996_Thewinelifestyle   Barbacarlo 1996, Azienda Agricola Barbacarlo


Header_Pasta_Gamberetti_Pomodorini_Thewinelifestyle   Tagliatelle with shrimps and sun-dried tomatoes


Header_Pasta_Porcini_Guanciale_Thewinelifestyle_Fotor   Tagliatelle with Porcini mushrooms and Guanciale (jowl bacon)


Header_Zemmer_Thewinelifestyle   Rollhütt 2013, Peter Zemmer


Header_Chaudelune_Thewinelifestyle   Chaudelune 2012, Cave du vin blanc de Morgex et de la Salle


Header_Rossese_di_Dolceacqua_Thewinelifestyle   Rossese di Dolceacqua 2010, Tenuta Anfosso


header_brut_nature_mignon_Thewinelifestyle   Brut Nature, Christophe Mignon


Header_Brandacujun_thewinelifestyle   Brandacujun (Ligurian Stockfish traditional recipe)


Header_Baccala_Mantecato_Thewinelifestyle   Baccalà Mantecato (Salted creamed codfish)


Header_Smoked_Salmon_Mousse_Thewinelifestyle  Bignè with smoked salmon mousse


header_Mulled_wine_Thewinelifestyle   Vin Brulé (Italian Mulled Wine)


Header_Spaghetti_Anchovies_Cherry_Tomatoes   Spaghetti with Anchovies in olive oil and cherry tomatoes


Header   French bottles: Bordeaux, Burgonet & Alsatian


header_Pesto_Hamburger_Asiago_Thewinelifestyle   Pesto Hamburger filled with Asiago cheese


Header_Beaujolais_2014_Thewinelifestyle   Beaujolais Noveau 2104


header_Ragù_Bianco_Anatra_Thewinelifestyle   Duck white Ragù


Header_Albeisa_thewinelifestyle   Albeisa bottle


Header_Bollito_Thewinelifestyle   Traditional “Bollito” (Boiled meat)




La Belle Époque, Emile Gallé & Duke Ellington: a bottle story




Picolit 2012, Nato in Vigna





Pinot Nero “Novello” 2014, Poderi Riccagioia





Ligurian Pesto sauce



JayZChampagne    Champagne & Hip-Hop


14_Risotto_Red_Wine_Carmignano_Thewinelifestyle   Risotto with Carmignano red wine and Goat cheese


1_Les_Crétes_Thewinelifestyle   Vin de la Sabla, Les Crétes


Header_Nutella_Tart_Thewinelifestyle   Nutella tart


7_soft_pizzelle_thewinelifestyle   Soft Pizzelle Cookies


Header_Fotor   Belvedere, Poderi di San Pietro


CHF1 Verdone_Fotor_Collage2   Champagne & F1


piatto tris   Ragù


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