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Pesto Hamburger filled with Asiago cheese

Dear readers,
Here we are with the recipe of the weekend!

For this weekend, I thought about a very tasty recipe, easy to prepare, the hamburger with Pesto, filled with Asiago cheese. If you want, for the Pesto, you can use my recipe which I have proposed in the previous posts, in order to prepare a totally homemade hamburger!

Let’s start!

Ingredients (for one burger):

150/200 gr of minced beef (5.3/7 oz)
20 gr of Asiago cheese (otherwise scamorza or provolone are the same) (0.7 oz)
1 teaspoon of Pesto (link to the recipe)
Half a tomato cutted in cubes



Prepare the base for the burger: on a plate, spread and flatten the minced beef until you obtain a thin and compact base. Repeat the procedure for the upper base.


Slice the Asiago cheese, spread it over the base and, later, spread a thin layer of Pesto on top of the cheese.
Put the upper base above and try to “seal” the two bases, helping with your fingers.
Meanwhile, prepare the tomato cubes and cook the burger on high heat.
The hamburger should not be cooked for a long time, so as to keep the juices inside the meat, however, cook it according to your preferences.
If you have a microwave oven, heat the buns for about 30 seconds, so as to make it soft and smooth.
Finally, put the hamburger in the buns, taking care to put a thin layer of pesto and tomato cubes over the meat (as in the figure below).


And the wine?

For this Pesto hamburger filled with Asiago cheese I chose the barbera “Monella” 2013 by Braida.


A lightly sparkling wine, with great personality, body and good freshness.
On the nose, aromas of red fruit and cherries in brandy.



“Monella” is perfect in pairing with the Pesto Hamburger, thanks to the soft bubbles that help to “clean” and “degrease” the palate from the cheese and to the body and intensity which do not dominate and vanish in comparison with the meat.

If you can’t find it, I suggest a sparkling red wine with the same characteristics like Lambrusco di Gasparossa or Barbera. Even a Brut Rosè would be perfect, if you prefer an elegant pairing.

And now, enjoy!